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Emma Andrews
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Speaking & Events

Known for her motivating, inspiring and engaging education approach, Emma works with athletes from the everyday to the elite, as well as corporate and community groups. She has delivered hundreds of presentations to thousands of participants around North America, and is a regular keynote and guest speaker.

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Past Participants
Workshop Topics
Explore any of these topics for your next guest speaker, keynote, or professional development workshop.
  • Longevity
  • Learn what foods and habits to emphasize and swap in your daily routine to maximize your longevity – and why you should care about longevity – no matter your age! Emphasis on anti-inflammatory foods and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Feel Amazing
  • In this signature session we’ll cover how to choose the best quality foods and supplements to support overall wellness. Feel amazing inside and out! Including swaps for your everyday vices, meal planning tips, advice to reduce cravings, balance portions and eat sustainably.
  • Fundamentals of Sports Nutrition
  • Fundamentals of sports nutrition – applicable to any athlete. We’ll cover topics such as nutrient density, choosing quality foods, portion control, and ideal timing for meals in conjunction with training and exercise. Customized by the sport preferences and goals of the audience. Great for sports teams, athletics clubs or fitness associations.
  • Race Prep Nutrition
  • Whether you’re chasing a time or distance based goal, fine tuning your nutritional strategies before race day can have a big impact on your performance and stamina. Learn about effective fuelling strategies for your long runs and workouts, and how this differs from race day. Extra emphasis on personalized calculations for carb loading, and ideal protein targets for recovery.
  • Metabolism
  • How to improve body composition through foods and natural supplements, no matter if your goal is to lean out or build muscle. Emphasis on healthy hormones, and nutrient dense foods.
  • Food & Wellness Trends
  • Learn about the latest and greatest in natural health, wellness, and consumer trends. Based off annual market research, social monitoring and the latest health studies, this presentation helps attendees “be in the know” and gain ideas ahead of the curve. Great for editorial teams, PR firms and natural health brands.
Featured Workshop
Public Speaking – Professional Development
Learn how to best engage your audience, overcome nerves, and find your confidence. Including 5 key elements of a good speaker, verbal and nonverbal communication skills, and live practice.

Emma fell in love with speaking at a young age, gaining experience at provincial and national level competitions, and spoke at youth conferences, including the United Nations in New York City. This lifelong passion motivates her to help others overcome their fears and become more confident speakers too. She now teaches public speaking as a professional development workshop, based on her experience and enthusiasm for speaking.


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