Emma Andrews | Fundamentals for an Anything but Average Life
Emma Andrews
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Fundamentals for an Anything but Average Life

Stemming from the belief that we all have the capacity to live a long and healthy life, “anything but average” is a philosophy that encourages constant improvement, personal growth, and thriving in your day to day life.

I live by, and educate on the following fundamentals for an ‘anything but average’ life:


Whole foods are the most sustainable foundation to health.

Approach your food as a culinary explorer with a sense of adventure and curiosity. The kitchen is your playground!

Seek out locally grown ingredients when possible, support small scale agriculture, and shift to a more predominantly plant-based diet for your own longevity, and the health of our planet.

It IS possible to rebuild a younger feeling body as we age, by maintaining an active lifestyle and emphasizing anti-inflammatory & antioxidant rich foods.

Functional fitness and variation in your activities is crucial for injury prevention, and maintaining a “do-anything” body.

Stress management is a daily practice and can be achieved through mindfulness, loving relationships, being present and ego-free. Your perception IS everything.

Happy people live longer. It’s a fact. Take time every day to do something that brings you joy.

Eat or drink something green every day (smoothies and salads galore!).

Achieving your optimal body composition is achieved through nutrient dense, whole-foods, not counting calories.

Strong digestion is integral to having ample energy and a resilient immune system.

You haven’t finished training until you’ve refuelled. How you recover post workout is one of the single most determining factors in athletic success.

Keep a fire lit within you. Always be chasing a goal. Always be learning and growing.


Let’s do amazing things together! Thanks for following along my journey.

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